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Holiday Gift guide

OPEN! 2015 Holiday Gift Giving guide!

The REVIEW IS FREE however - All products will not be returned in exchange for the review. Details Below ! Please feel free to share this with your friends a great way to get your products noticed! 

Pople Backyard Farm is happy to announce that we are now accepting family friendly products to be featured in our Holiday Gift Guide for 2015. Do you have an item that you would like showcased for the holidays? We’d be thrilled to feature products for the whole family, including pets!
The holidays only come once a year, so lets rock this festive season with awesome gift ideas! Here are some items we are currently accepting:
*Ladies Items
*Men’s Items
*Kids-all ages Items
*Perfumes & Spa Items
*Wellness products
*Organic & Gift Baskets
*Toys, Games & Hobby Items
*Fitness Equipment & Gear
*If your item is not on this list, please contact me!
Time Line!Our Holiday Gift Guide will run from Oct 1 to Dec 23rd, but all review products must be received on or before Dec 20th to make the deadline.
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With readers getting in the holiday shopping spirit early, they’ll be checking out the Holiday Gift Guide for recommendations. All items included in our Holiday Gift Guide are promoted extensively! We also will be sharing these items on our twitter feed, youtube, facebook, and all over social media where we are hanging out! 

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    I don't know about you, but I hate it when I end up with a scar on my body :) We've shared about these great products before with you guys but I think this is a great and fun gift to add to your family's holiday stockings to show you care! Also great to pack along if you are traveling during the Holiday! .. Take it everywhere! If you hurry too there is a coupon on the site for $3.00 off!!! Latex and drug free and really easy to use.  I really like these as I do a lot of cooking and because my skin is so fair I always like to make sure it looks pretty and with scar away if I get a burn or Mister Kitty Image result for Maine coon cat scratchingaccidentally scratches me I can easily grab my scar away and feel confident that my skin will look nice again! The perfect Holiday gift ! 

Adora Calcium Supplement, 500mg, Dark Chocolate Disks

Want the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved ones? Adora Calcium suppliments are the answer! Packed with 500 mg of Calcium 250 IU of vitamin D3 all wrapped up in delicious dark Chocolate! My husband Clay got so excited about these that it was hard for me to review (he had to share! ) They are YUMMY! To learn more

yummy yummy yummy it's time for a delicous treat it's the all  new SNAPPERS! You will just have to snap these babies right up because that is how good they are! 

NEW Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Caramel Snappers 6 ozWe were sent a variety of Holiday flavors and Clay and I both were snapping these babies up as fast as could.. a delicous blend of cinnamon and carmel with a nice crisp pretzel center - other flavors include peppermint and chocolate, etc.. As far as flavor I give these bad boys a 10 out of 10! 


Some of you will remember when I shared about the  K MitchMake Up Eraser... Well, with Christmas right around the corner we want to share about this great product again as it will be a perfect surprise to find under the Christmas Tree ! You can order yours just by clicking on the Link. What I really loved about this item was how soft it was and my cosmetics came off so easily. What is really nice is you won't have to purchase any other products! All you do is add water! This is not only a great make up remover but it's economical too! Here's more info and reminders below! Tweet me on twitter to let me know how much you like your if you own one!

Perfect gift for a MakeUp Lover
Now comes in Black and Blue
Check it out the website
They now carry AmpliLash Fiber Mascara and Pozz'd skin care line
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#MakeUpEraser #onlineshopping #beautyrebelz

STAY tuned for upcoming review!

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 Get a Squatty Potty!

  firgo products!

   LULU review 



  Ozeri review



TOOOOO cute for words...and BEST QUAILITY EVER!!!! We were sent 2 T shirts to review from  for our honest review. So cute you own't believe it (You really need to look at their site as their stuff is unbelievable!) I loved my whole experience with this fine company and what more can I say but the price is great, the shirts are wonderful and you don't need to go anywhere else to get all those fun T shirts for gifts this year!

Image result for red christmas ribbonVivitar Infinite Selfie Stick Wand for iOs Android Smartphones with Bult-In Shutter Release -RED                                              To order    It wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't get a Vivitar Selfie Stick! These are amazing and is great for teens, moms, youtubers, Dads, everyone! The Vivtar Selfie Stick has a 40 inch extention, smart phone cradle and blue tooth remote. We were sent ours for our honest review and it's really "dreamy " . Those of you who are online with me know there isn't a shy bone in my body so my selfie stick is getting a good work out for this review! Check this out.. it has a Shutter Monopod with bluetooth remote control, universal phone holder, fits phones up to 3 inches and has point and works great with point and shoot cameras. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT ! 

Image result for red christmas ribbon

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IllumiBowl™   TO ORDER

TOTALLY LOVE IT! Want to give someone a really shiny Holiday pick up the illumibowl for them! illumibowl glowbowl kohler glowing toilet night light bathroom toilet bowl night light for potty training  I don't know about you, but when it's quiet and dark in the house stumbling around to find the potty isn't always fun, sure we have a nightlight on but still when you are sleepy wouldn't it be great to just get near your throne and know you are safe or the seat is down? I love mine. We were sent the illumibowl for our honest review and this is the perfect gift to give Mom's who are potty training, families , and Seniors! What is really cool is you can adjust the color to what ever you love! Get one for your home, your job and to give your friends!

    I love vitamin C serums and really enjoyed the Kleem Organic brand. Some of you may remember the review we did on this previously but we felt this was so good we wanted to do another review for your Holiday Shopping so we weren't sent another product but this is being done so you can add this to your shopping list! Here is what this great product does it makes your skin look brighter and deep lines and wrinkles appear smaller. This is a great for those with sensitive skin. What I enjoyed is that there are no burning and stinging sensations while using this product. I don't know about you but I want to look my best over the Holidays so not only is this a great product for gift giving but one you will want to gift yourself! To order yours go to click here coupon code  <-- woo hoo click here to get a great deal! 

Ambition | Silver Aura Black Line Agate BraceletWhat woman doesn't absolutely love jewelry?  
I was sent 3 stunning Joseph Nogucci bracelets for my honest review. Beads are all the rage this Holiday Season and there are beads and then there are Joseph Nogucci beads.. These are so petite and heavy and just gorgeous! As soon as I saw them I felt like wow these are definitely JEWELRY compared to fun pieces you'd pick up at a discount department store. They have a nice selection of pieces to choose from on their site. These are lifetime pieces that you would hand down to your daughter and will fit every age group. Men here is your opportunity to give the woman of your dreams a gorgeous piece she will cherish for years. They are around $40 so they are a classy piece without going broke and you would be a hero! Check out more at
                                                                                                                                                                                Savannah Bee Honey Body Lotion
      Savannah Bee Lip Balm Tins2
Wow! Wow! Wow! I love reviewing products from Savannah Bee Company because I LOVE EVERYTHING! For our Holiday Gift Guide they sent Clay and I their lotions and lip tins to review. Needless to say we both have soft hands and well cared for lips!  I love the texture and smell of their products and these are perfect to slip under the tree this Christmas. You can check out all their goodness at click 

Image result for Argan Oil Emma and Sana    Emma and Sana 100% pure Morocco Oil is rocking my world.  I am always working on keeping my hair and nails in great shape so when we received Emma and Sana Argan Oil to review I went to town and put some in my hair , nails and even my tootsies.  I love how soft and more manageable my hair is. It has a nice shine and since I am trying to grow out my hair it's great to have this handy to keep my hair at it's best. This is so easy to use just a couple drops as often as needed makes a big difference. They have many wonderful products that women will just love to enjoy not only on Christmas morning but for all the Holiday parties as well to keep us ladies looking sassy check them out at


How about a little Green Christmas this year? 

Already my gardening friends and I have been talking about what we want to grow next year and what we can try in our greenhouses or a backroom in our homes..  Well wouldn't this be a perfect gift for the die-hard gardener in your life.. yes, we know that we did a review on this cool product in the summer but hey who says you have to only get gardening treats in the summer?   how awesome would this gift be under your tree for Dad or Mom?

  • Plant Scaper is a build as it grows plant support system
  • Multiple configurations possible
  • No tools required
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Multipurpose Flexibility
  • Durable, UV Resistant Material
  • Organize the entire garden
  • Adjust throughout the season
This whole concept is wonderful and so many ways to start NOW to plan your garden for next year wooo hooo! You can order now by going to click here check out the site lots of great information! ... (and don't forget to purchase one for yourself too! ) 

Wow it was almost 80 degrees here in Upstate New York today so I took the opportunity to share with you all the apple orchard across from my home here in Upstate New York.

Image result for evian facial spray  I feel in love with this product! This is a perfect Holiday gift to give to the ladies in your life! At first I thought big deal water in a can.. but oh NO! This is MUCH More than that ! It is mineral water that travels through the french alps trickling down for years and is tested constantly for the minerals consistency to make sure you are getting the perfect blend of minerals for your skin. Image result for Christmas decorations in pink  Image result for Christmas decorations in pink

Here is how how to use this product spray on your face whenever you feel you would like to add some hydration. I love it.. working on my farm inside in the winter can be really DRYING and HOT so periodically I just spritz my face to keep my skin hydrated I also use it to set my make up  and it is also great as a toner too calm the skin! What a beautiful lovely gift to have under the tree this Christmas! To order go to click here

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Check out great products for your Holiday giving 
Coconut Shea Collection  We were sent the Coconut Shea Shampoo and Conditioner and curl Defining Creme for our honest review
Image result for grey christmas decorations  These made my hair Image result for long flowing hair in the winter wind so soft and manageable I knew they would be the perfect gift for all my friends to use over the Holidays to keep their hair soft and carefree in the winter weather. Winter can be so drying that you can feel like your hair is just one big scrubby but not if use these coconut hair treats! Perfect to slip under the tree for your Mom or daughter or as a secret santa! 

Don't forget Rover this Christmas Season.. We don't want him flying out of the car while traveling .. to grandmother's house we go.. so we thought for this year's Holiday Gift Guide he'd enjoy the Image result for Red Christmas tree

    Solvit dog harness! This will put a smile on your little pumpkin! Crash tested! Fully padded  and it fits all vehicles! ... 


Who doesn't love getting sweet treats for the Holidays? Secret Santa giving, slipped into your stocking and More! This year give the tasty YUMMY SNACK BAR! We were sent a variety of Yummy Snack bars to review for our honest opinion and YUMMY is the WORD! In their own words.. "Like your favorite Candy bar- with fuel to take you far! These are also great to slip into your purse while shopping to give you that extra energy for all your Holiday Shopping! 

Click on our Holiday Gift guide for more Christmas Gift giving ideas :) 

Image result for Thanksgiving   Did you know the first Thanksgiving lasted 3 days?


Win enjoying tea

Win Hidden Treasure Candle

popBox-orbit-orange  Talk about the perfect Fall snack it's Ruby Rockets the pop that is veggies and fruit ...Perfect for the Fall! We did the taste test and loved them! Clay was really excited as he's always watching his sugar levels and these taste good and have have the low sugar he needs. Bravo for Ruby Rockets they did it right! Check out more on their site  and check out all the great flavors! 

win a office chair click here

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Make a Christmas Ornament!
Win some leather click here

TOOOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!! I am loving all the Holida items from Zubels. All finely made and adorable! I love high quality things and you won't be disappointed with this company. Everything is just gorgeous! I love the sweet little sweater and hat along with all the toys and the rattles etc.. soo adorable this is the perfect place to pick up all your holiday gifts for your little ones and have them shipped right to your door just go to

The Eat Smart Precision Pro Food Thermometer is the perfect gift this holiday season to give to the cook in your life. I love mine! 

Waterproof pen style digital thermometer
responds in just 5 seconds
anti-microbial case and sleeve inhibits the growth of bacterial odor and mold
You can even make it HOLD to FREEZE the temperature even when removing from food. 
auto shut off after 5 minutes. 2 year warranty. 

We love it, Everyone's oven thermometer is NOT THE SAME! This is why one of the best gifts you can give a new couple or family is a food thermometer so that food can be cooked to perfection! Check out the Eat smart Precision Pro Thermometer! 

   How gorgeous is this? We were sent the Isabella grace Necklace for review and it is more lovely than I can say! It sparkles like the angels and when the light hits it , it just shines. This is the perfect Holiday gift! Check out the links below.

Image result for Sunbutter crunchy   We love it just for the great taste! Sunbutter! We were sent sunbutter in the past to review and now we are sharing with you all once again about Sunbutter and this time it is Sunbutter CRUNCH. I always love Chrunchy peanut butter and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed with the great flavor and crunch of Sunbutter. They just do it right. Sure, it doesn't taste exactly like peanut butter but that isn't what this is. It is butter made with Sunflower seeds. If you love Sunflowers you will love this and it is a great new flavor to try. Imagine Sunflower fudge, sunflower sandwiches, sunflower cookies. Perfect for Holiday baking! I am not allergic to peanuts but if you are this is the stuff to use! It looks like peanut butter and has the same consistency but it is Sunflower seeds so this is perfect for anyone who has peanut issues. I love it. It is tasty and give me another great flavor to make recipes with. Try it for yourself .. You may even like it better than good old peanut butter! Also a wonderful gift to slip into someone's stocking or to put in gift baskets! 

  These are a wonderful treat to review! I am loving my solar shield sunglasses that slip right over my readers.. or your prescription glasses. I do a lot of crocheting or reading while Clay is driving and hate to deal with the sun. I can just slip these right over my readers when he's driving and enjoy the shade. I also enjoying grabbing a cup of coffee on a nice winter day and reading outside for a few minutes and when the sun is really bright these puppies will save the day! What a wonderful gift to give someone this year or yourself! 

Image result for candy cane peeps

LOVE MY PEEPS FOR THE HOLIDAYS! We were sent a nice selection of peeps to try for the Holidays. We sooo love the Minions that I was really happy to see that they were included for our Best Product tour for the Holidays! These are great stocking stuffers and great treats to share throughout the Holiday season! And who wouldn't want to get a Candy cane peep from a secret santa? 

they are great for showering at home and at the gym. This is the perfect gift to give anyone who loves sports or for their own personal use. These babies protect anywhere where germs lurk. Is your daughter a cheerleader? Your son into sports at school? Great for all school activities to keep your kids safe as well. I use mine in and out of the shower.

- soft and cushioned
-Antimicrobial protects against fungus, germs and bacteria
- grooved to protect against slipping and slidding
- drainage holes for showering and water activities

Magaformer product review

 Solid Gold Dogfood review

Image result for christmas poinsettias

     If you are a animal lover you will fall in love and be able to relate to  Jan Dunlap the author of Saved by Gracie. She takes on a rescue dog who saves her life from what troubles her.  Jan is suffering with anxiety and even though she wasn't thrilled about this big lug of a dog Gracie she finds that Gracie is the answer to her anxieties even though she is a pain and a bother at first as she adjusts to living with the Dunlap family. Sometimes when we help others we get help ourselves. I like what I heard recently about Mr. Rogers one of our childhood shows when you see disasters on TV look for the "helping people" .  Jan finds that as she helps and works with Gracie it is transforming her life. You can pick up a copy at . 


  Merlot skincare

  sargent art

Misfit Shine Fitness and sleep Monitor Review

I received a Misfit shine for my honest review. If you are like me you have been hearing a lot about this type of product but what is the Misfit shine?  It is a fitness tracker and with that it,  stands apart from the competition in that it is waterproof! It is so light that you can virtually forget it is on. It comes with accessories so that it can be worn anyway you are comfortable, arm, neck or even just as a clip on. The Shine app also gives information on the number of steps you have taken in a day or even a week. There is a lot to be said for the Misfit Shine and the technology behind it but at the end of the day it really is a great fitness tracker for those who are serious about getting into shape. Easy to use and not bothersome. A little like putting in your contacts everyday or earrings just a quick part of your getting ready for the day. This would be a wonderful gift for the Christmas season and the price point is around 69.00 so you really can't beat it. To order yours go to <a href="">Misfit Shine - Activity and Sleep Monitor</a><img

This is a must read for anyone who loves Senior Citizens who are full of spunk! I loved the look at retirement living and the thoughts and outspoken remarks of Agnes Hopper, who finds herself moving from her home to her daughter 's home to a retirement home. First reaction is a plan to get out until she finds all kinds of things not measuring up and she's on a mission to do some work to get things in order. Being a natural lover of Senior Citizens having a Mom who is also full of it, so to speak I adored this. Of course my thoughts go to the day I may end up moving in to a retirement home myself. A fun read with a lot of insight as well as to why you need to do your homework on finding a great place to live in your older years. Agnes was adorable and her friends were lots of fun too. I found myself chuckling at many of the people in the book. I got tickled when the young man brought in fruit and all the ladies were glued stuck to him- one lady straightening out her necklace. Lots of fun- mystery, romance and fun. A very enjoyable fast paced read. - PopleBackyardFarm

If you are looking for a good bed for your dog or cat look no further! We were sent a dog bed for our "Stormie" from  for our honest review. First of all I was pleased at the amount of choices that were available. If you are like me your pets are your little babies and they all have their own little personalities so being able to choose was great. When the bed arrived it was packaged nicely and immediately I could see that the workmanship was superb. Inside the bed is a Sherpa to keep Stormie extra warm. Another nice feature is that I can put the bed in the washing machine which is a major for this Mommy. This is a wonderful gift to give your pet this holiday too! 

feeding time at the farm

 I was sent a copy of the Backyard Homestead published by for my honest review. This covers it all! 
If you want to start a backyard homestead this is a great resource that covers everything from canning, to gardening to eggs, milking goats. etc.  A excellent out the door book for those new to homesteading. I think this would also be a excellent textbook for those teaching farming to our youth as it is so varied and gives the basics for just about everything! Storey has many resources for those who love the farming lifestyle. 

Image result for All sales final book by Josie Belle

I love cozy mysteries and look forward to curling up with a good one and the minute I was laughing out loud and reading to Clay and Kitty, my cat I knew I was in for a nice warm fuzzy read! Sam and Maggie are looking into buying a house and find out it may be haunted! Yipes! Cozy mysteries are fun because they are rated G and happy and funny like a good old disney movie. Sam's cat who has a M on his head and is a grey tiger looking cat like our cat acts freaky in the house and things are acting strange in the house. To make matters worse they find a body in the house! Maggie and her friends are on the job to find out who did it. As they get closer to solving things .. danger is after them. A fun read. This is the last book in "The Good Buy Girls" You can purchase a copy for yourself at  

Upcoming review... If you love jewelry check out this! ---->